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Detecting Music Covers

Identifying Cover Versions of Live Concerts

As a pioneer in automatic content recognition, our client recognises and analyses the content of music, radio and television programs in real time as accurately as possible. In particular, the company works with rights holders, who are entitled to receive royalties if a piece of music is covered by someone other than the original author.

In order to check whether a piece of music is covered in a live concert, our client asked us to create a software module to detect cover versions from a recording of the concert.

IRCAM amplify created Melosign, a technology capable of detecting covers in a sound file by comparing it with the original music list provided as a source.

MeloSign is part of the MetaSound suite, a unique software solution for music industry professionals. MetaSound is the global solution for automating the characterisation of each track and music file in an entire catalogue, with consistency and extreme accuracy. MetaSound enables the consistent extraction of relevant data and analysis for any music file.

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