Who we are

IRCAM amplify is a Tech enabler for premium targets.

We aim to be the leader in Audio, to imagine and create efficient innovative experiences and products from high-level French R&D.

IRCAM Amplify is a Tech enabler, attached to IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, the largest audio labs in France (with more than 100 researchers) and a major center of music creation, to connect technology and emotion.

With IRCAM Amplify, you will find the best audio partner with an end-to-end expertise.

We can connect all links in the chain, with a unique methodology, and meanwhile bring you specific bricks you will need, with our innovative tech products, ready-to-go.

All our talents in the team are the perfect ones to put the best of French audio innovation in different industries: music, retail, automotive, IoT… to invent the future of sound. And it’s just the beginning!

Our team

IRCAM amplify is a living organism, a place where each of its constituent identities shapes the substance matter of a system in motion.

With backgrounds in complementary sectors such as culture, innovation, technology and IT, our professionals form a productive, multidisciplinary team.

Each member brings his or her own passions and drive, formulating ideas that feed into the construction of the project that we all carry collectively. By blending the rational and the intuitive, the technical and the creative, the masculine and the feminine, the IRCAM amplify team is a reflection of its diversity and openness. Generosity of spirit and attentiveness are what carry our collective intelligence forward on a daily basis. They foster the ingenuity of the solutions we propose to our clients and form a firm anchor in a world in which it is essential to keep exploring.

Our team fully embodies our mission: to bridge different worlds in the universe of sound and to invent together the best possible future for all things sound-related.

Communications Team

Juliette Bezier

Head of communities

A photonics engineer (Institut d’Optique Graduate School – IOGS) and a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris (Communications, Media and Creative Industries), she first worked in digital and corporate communications (Trescal International). Today, she specialises in the development of B-to-B event experiences focused on content and communities (Les Napoleons).

Engineering team

Carlos Marcos

DSP software engineer

With an MSc in Electronic Engineering (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain), he is specialised in embedded audio systems (NeuralDSP, Arkamys, Cadac-sound UK ).

Board of Directors

Strategic Committee

  • E.T.R.E
Engineering team

Bounlith Sirivong

Senior developer

Senior Developer: After studying computer science and signal processing, specializing in digital imaging at IFSIC of University of Rennes 1), he began to develop his curiosity for innovation in various industrial sectors including: mobile phones, video games, and health technology. Then he helped develop cutting-edge software for audio and digital sound processing at Arkamys, virtual reality visualizations of industrial software at TechViz and Human-Machine Interfaces at Softbank Robotics Europe.

Board of Directors

Frank Madlener

President of IRCAM amplify and Director of IRCAM

As an educated musician and philosopher, he leads IRCAM while assuring an artistic direction. Under his leadership, IRCAM has launched the international sound festival « ManiFeste » and the forum of art and innovation « Vertigo » at the Center Pompidou. In 2018, he initiated the creation of IRCAM amplify.

Product Team Interface

Ianis Mauraisin

Application developer – Sound designer

With a degree in Sound Materials and Music Recording (Marne La Vallée University) and in Application Design and Development (Doranco, Ecole Sup’ des Tech Créatives), he works on the development of UX sounds and immersive sound experiences, as well as on research and creation of audio identities for brands (Agence Sixième Son).

Executive Team

Philippe Tour


Philippe Tour is a French entrepreneur with a global reach. With his expertise in the tech, audio, and neuroscience sectors, he has created collaborations across the globe, from the United States, to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. For more than 30 years he has been showcasing his leadership in the worlds of entrepreneurship and technological innovation. His work includes numerous ventures with trailblazers in Silicon Valley and over 15 years as the CEO of Arkamys. Since 2018, he has shared his insights as an advisor to young companies and future leaders. He helps them create robust business networks and high-level B2B partnerships and provides valuable strategic expertise. He is also a French Foreign Trade Advisor.

Product Team

Jean-Yves Le Porcher

Chief sound experience officer

With a diploma from the Applied Arts School of Paris (ENSAAMA) he has been a multidisciplinary designer for more than 30 years. He has led numerous design management projects (Maserati, Bentley Motors, Focal, Posca, Spotify, Habitat, Château Cheval Blanc) and he is, to mention one of his achievements, the co-creator of the electronic music concept Datafolk.

He currently leads multidisciplinary staffs of designers in creative direction, and he specializes in the creation of global experiences.

Sales Team

Alexis Botaya

Chief business development officer

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and Agro Paris-Tech, he has nearly 20 years of experience in the development and growth of startups and international tech companies. A serial tech entrepreneur (including Soon Soon Soon, Elo Audio) and a Techstars alum, he is an expert in the fields of innovation and audio tech dedicated to entertainment and knowledge.

Communications Team

Marion Laporte

Chief Brand Officer - CBO

With an education in Political Science, she has built several innovation and communication programs linking culture and economy for public and private institutions. In 2015, she initiated the development of the program « Ecole Pro » at the Center Pompidou.

Engineering team

Florian Gille

Quality production manager

An engineering student (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) with a Master’s degree in Design and Innovation Science (Technical University of Denmark), he specialises in change management (Oresys) and the operational management of design teams with strong technological and technical capabilities (RATP).

Product Team

Vincent Lenglet

Chief product officer

As a certified engineer (INP ENSIMAG), 20+ of experience in the payment industry, mainly as a B2B Marketing and Product Manager. He focuses on linking technology understanding to Humanities (sociology, semiotics, etc.) to create and promote new products with a distinctive and significant vision.

Product Team Interface

Xavier Dartis

Evaluation officer

With a degree in Psychology (Université Lumière – Lyon 2), and a Master’s degree in Neurophysiology of Perception and Sensory Evaluation (Claude Bernard University – Lyon 1), he is specialised in scientific protocols for perceptual, sensory and behavioural evaluation.

Engineering team

Nicolas Dauban

DSP engineer

With a doctorate in Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering – Signal Processing speciality (University of Toulouse), he is specialised in the role of artificial intelligence in music recognition.

Executive Team

Elias Karam

Project manager

An engineer by training, with degrees from ENSEIRB-Matmeca- Bordeaux INP and Kedge Business School, as well as a Google certified Project Manager, he coordinates project teams with strong digital and international ambition at IBM – Orchestra. His methodologies create and ensure smooth collaborations in complex environments.

Executive Team

Doha Okba

Chief of Staff to the CEO

Alternating between Ircam Amplify and EM Lyon Business School, his career has been enriched by experiences both international (Canal +, JC Decaux) and multicultural (in Morocco, Mauritania, Chad, Gabon, Canada).


Executive Team

Nathalie Birocheau

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

As a certified engineer (Centrale-Supélec), and former strategy consultant, she has led several major cultural and media projects, notably within la Maison de la Radio. She became Deputy Director of France Info in 2016, where she led the creation of the global media franceinfo.

Product Team Interface

Romain Barthélémy

Sound designer

After a dual degree program in musical composition and industrial sound design at Maynooth University & Jules Massenet Conservatory of Music, and École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts du Mans, he became a composer and sound designer. His work lies at the crossroads of music, sound scenography, and industrial design. Mixing music and everyday noises, his projects take various listening contexts into account in order to create diverse sound experiences. His work includes: embodied sound installations, interactive interfaces, industrial objects, sound transcriptions of olfactory sensations, and musical compositions ranging from electro-pop to experimental music.

Engineering team

Frederic Amadu

Chief Technology Officer - CTO

As a certified engineer, he has accompanied ARKAMYS for 17 years in their innovative solutions making them a leader in signal processing and embedded audiosolutions. There, he was Innovation Officer followed by a position as CTO. Furthermore, he is the originator of more than a dozen major patents in the field.

Product Team Space

Antoine Petroff

Director of immersive products

He has been creating and developing innovative audio products for more than 20 years. Beyond being a studio and live recording sound engineer, he is an audio expert with a special expertise in immersive sound. He travels the world creating technologies that respond to emergent use cases.

Product Team

Maher Benchekroun

Project manager

A dual graduate of HEC Paris and FGV São Paulo with experience in China (Fudan University), he specializes in organizational management and digital transformation and has been a consultant in France (Actiss Partners, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Capgemini Invent) and abroad (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco).

Engineering team

Chloé Lavrat

Audio DSP developer

Trained as a general engineer (Orsay University – Paris Sud, IMT Atlantique, Polytechnic of Turin), followed by a Master’s degree in ATIAM from Sorbonne Universities-IRCAM, she is specialised in signal processing and artificial intelligence applied to audio. Coupled with a research focus, her work is characterised by a multidisciplinary and user-oriented approach.

Engineering team

Pablo Martin Luque

Audio test & measurement engineer

Engineer in acoustics, vibration and signal processing (ENSIM), he is specialized in the identification and study of non-linearities (Dolby.io) and in the analysis of the performances and acoustic effects of various systems (HyVibe).

Product Team Data

Claire Lassalvy

Head of product - Music Index

With an education in organizational management (Paris II), she specializes in information systems management – Big Data (Paris I). During a year, she was in charge of digital marketing at Mixvibes (a mixer for DJs).

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