Metadata & Quality

Metadata challenges for the music industry

More than 100 million digital music tracks are available and accessible on the Internet worldwide. Regarding the release of new titles, it is estimated that major music streaming distributors could release up to 1 million titles per month.

We are in an era of data. The value of a catalogue is also measured by the quality of its metadata. The more metadata there is, the richer and more accessible it is, the more the value of the tracks is enhanced, and the more personalized and context-specific the listening experiences can become.

Listening habits are changing rapidly, as is music consumption. Short videos are now the best way to discover music. Labels and distributors must now sharpen their curation focus on these platforms if they want to increase their revenues. At the same time, content creators still need more simplicity, with creative development tools that allow music, video, narrative intent and impact to fit together in a very intuitive way.

Metasound, a product for boosting music

Our Metasound product gives the music industry the key to developing new value-generating use cases:

  • UGC optimization: Dedicated curation and much more efficient editing by analyzing any track to determine its structure, tempo/BPM, hook, mood, genre, etc. The payoff is simple and fast: music boosts videos, almost effortlessly.
  • Management of cover versions and royalties: Very powerful recognition of cover versions, even those furthest from the original. Our cover detection service is able to calculate a covered score with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Data-driven supply chain optimization: Achieve high levels of content quality for your DSP clients and avoid inconsistencies.
  • Data-driven marketing optimization.


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