Sound Experience Design

Making it Possible to Hear the Invisible

There are many points of contact between brands and their users: websites, stores, museums, services, products. All of which give rise to experiences that call upon the senses, the imagination and both the individual and collective memory.

In a world where images have literally invaded space, real or virtual, sound has a major role to play in a multi-sensory approach.

Used as a vector of the imagination, of stories, of evocation of a perfume or a flavor, or as a user interface; sound is the new raw material for creative artists of the 21st century.

Our multidisciplinary teams of sound designers, product and space designers, our developers and engineers in electronics and acoustics, our researchers in cognitive sciences, follow you in all your projects :

  • Interface sounds (App, Website …)
  • Sound spaces (Museums, Sales outlets …)
  • Product or service campaigns (social networks, media …)
  • Embedded sounds (cars, electronic products)
  • Sound signature (perfume, wines & spirits …)

For a global approach

A collaborative approach based on exchange and experimentation that relies on :

  • A dedicated multidisciplinary team of designers and specialists in a wide range of disciplines (sound design, user experience, psychoacoustics, multisensoriality, etc.).
  • A SpeaK® methodology developed under the supervision of the Perception and Sound Design team (SMTS – IRCAM, CNRS, Sorbonne University, Ministry of Culture).

Pour une approche globale

Une démarche collaborative basée sur l’échange et l’expérimentation qui s’appuie sur :

  • Une équipe pluridisciplinaire dédiée,
  • SpeaK® développé sous la supervision de l’équipe Perception et Design Sonore (SMTS – Ircam, CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Ministère de la culture).
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