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The Sound Identity of Sorbonne University

Embodying the brand using sound

Sorbonne UniSorbonne University was born in 2018 following the merger between the universities of Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre and Marie Curie. As a world-class teaching and research institution, Sorbonne University has carefully nurtured its brand identity. So, when it decided to roll out an embodiment of it in sound, it entrusted the task to Ircam Amplify.

The objective was to produce a sound identity true to the values of the brand and consistent irrespective of the physical or virtual point of contact between the University and its different target audiences: students, professors, researchers…

For instance, the sound designers included sounds captured in the University’s lecture halls and libraries in their creations.

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  • Cultural & Creative industries
Ircam Amplify with Romain Barthélémy & Lundja Medjoub
Sound Design of Sorbonne University
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