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Aligning Lyrics and Subtitles in a Video Clip

Adding Lyrics to a Music Video

Our client is a major music company dedicated to the discovery of artists and to the production, promotion, management and physical and digital distribution of music recordings.

As part of their distribution efforts, our client is required to subtitle all of the music videos they release every day. One of the challenges is ensuring that the lyrics being visually sung in the video are properly aligned with the subtitles.

To reduce processing time and speed up the video release process, our client approached us to create a technology that could automatically align the lyrics with the spoken content.

Ircam amplify developed Lyrics Aligner, a technological module capable of subtitling a music video with perfectly aligned lyrics in record time, using only the video clip itself and the script of the spoken lyrics as input.

Thanks to this technology, our client was able to save several days of work and automatically subtitle numerous tracks, with execution quality that was at least as good as if it had been done manually.

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