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The Krug Audio Tasting Room

Sublimating taste through sound

Krug’s winemaking team enlisted the help of researchers from Ircam’s Sound Perception and Design team, as well as the composer Roque Rivas, to design an immersive audio space for the new champagne tasting room located inside the House of Krug in Reims.

As the intention was to associate taste and sound in a meaningful way, the methodological approach chosen consisted of translating an œnological vocabulary into one relating to sound in accordance with the principle of semantic processing. Roque Rivas therefore created 10 soundscapes, metaphors for the 10 Champagne regions used in the Krug blends.

Both the spatialization solution and the tasting room layout were designed to work optimally with the Ircam Spat software.
The sound creations were mixed specifically for this installation and tailored to the Amadeus speakers, also unique as they were custom-made for this experience.

By offering this unique heightened multi-sensory experience to its clients, Krug highlights what is now recognized as the interaction between hearing and taste sensations.

NB: Reference prior to the creation of Ircam Amplify that is emblematic of our universe’s “Sound as Space” offering and of IRCAM’s expertise.

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  • Luxury & Retail
Roque Rivas
Ircam for KRUG - Côtes de Bars - Use headphones (binaural sound)
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