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The Trax software developed with Flux::

Transforming voices

Voice processing is one of the areas of expertise of IRCAM’s sound analysis and synthesis research team. This expertise can now be easily accessed by sound engineers and content creators everywhere with the Trax software, developed in partnership with Flux::.

Trax embodies the next generation of voice and sound processing tools. Building on the groundbreaking technology developed at IRCAM over the last few decades, it comprises a suite of 3 processors that uses innovative signal transformation algorithms. It thus makes it possible to alter the characteristics and properties of a voice such as pitch, timbre, gender, age and breathing.

NB: Reference prior to the creation of Ircam Amplify that is emblematic of our universe’s “Sound as Interface” offering and of IRCAM’s expertise.

Photo © Géraldine Aresteanu

Field of application

  • Robotics & IoT
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