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TS2 Audio editing, time stretch application with Plugivery

Endless sound sculpting capabilities

Ircam released the new version of its digital audio editing software TS (Time Stratching): TS2, in partnership with its distributor Plugivery.

The TS2 product is based on the powerful technological engine SuperVP and allows the users to perform unique editing actions on their sound. Already known for its stretching and transpose capabilities efficient in extreme values, the new version is now completed with an entirely new and intuitive user experience built for the producer.

TS2 includes many new features such as an accurate real-time sonogram display, multiple audio files management or full automation over the master module and can apply external VST/AU effects from third party plug-in manufacturers.

As a consequence, the TS2 is the ideal tool for post-production professionals, audio engineers, sound designers and musicians wanting to transform their sound and give them a unique signature with the help of the renown Ircam researches.

Field of application

  • Cultural & Creative industries
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