The Vocal’iz application was created by MGEN in partnership with IRCAM (Institute for Acoustic / Music Research and Coordination) and the FNO (French National Federation of Speech Therapists). Developed with the aim of raising French people’s awareness of speech issues and improvements, the latest version is enriched with exciting new features and content.

First presented at the “Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry” organized by Ircam Amplify (a subsidiary of IRCAM) on January 20, 2022 as part of UNESCO Week of Sound, this new version aims to further transform users into outstanding orators through new analysis of vocal modulations and prosody in diverse speaking situations.

Open to everyone, Vocal’iz was designed primarily for MGEN members, the vast majority of whom are teachers. The main users of the application are students, teachers, singing professionals, journalists and actors and patients directed to Vocal’iz by their speech therapists.

Vocal’iz is a simple and fun expert virtual vocal coach. This is the very example of a successful use of technology in the service of health. An innovation of which we are very proud.

Mélusine Harlé, Prevention Director MGEN

The new version of the application offers a multitude of exercises, functions and tools that allow users to better understand and manage their voice, including:

  • An analysis of the 4 fundamental parameters of speech: intensity, frequency, flow and fluency
  • 60 professionally-created exercises including vocalization and posture exercises
  • Breathing and vocal preparation activities for presentations and speeches
  • 28 articles on vocal function, vocal pathologies, and the power of speech
  • Numerous other advanced features

The sound and speech experts at Ircam Amplify worked with MGEN and the FNO to define and analyze the relevant criteria needed to assess the quality of a user’s speech and oral expression, including: expressiveness through vocal height and intensity, time and percentage of silence and number of hesitations, as well as speed of speech.

The 21st century will be the century of speech. After epochs of writing, then the rise of screens, we are returning to a version of civilization that relies on the spoken word. We regularly have conversations between humans via technology, and as our technology advances, we are increasingly in conversation with machines as well. Voice technologies emerging from Ircam are finding new uses, especially given the rise of voice-assisted apps and objects.

Nathalie Birocheau, CEO Ircam Amplify

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