Paris, February 3, 2020. Resulting from the merger of the Pierre and Marie Curie and Paris-Sorbonne universities in January 2018, Sorbonne University continues to strengthen its brand by creating its own sound identity. Ircam Amplify, a subsidiary of Ircam that translates the famed music and research institute’s explorations into commercial applications, provided the technological expertise for Sorbonne University’s innovative sound branding.

 By investing in the field of sound, Sorbonne University is embarking on an unprecedented journey in the academic world, one that both completes its brand identity, while also demonstrating tremendous creativity. Thanks to a unique method of sound design developed by Ircam Amplify, Sorbonne University can to use its bespoke musical composition in video content and during live event broadcasts. Sorbonne University took advantage of the cutting-edge Ircam Amplify method, based on the Speak© process developed by the Perception and Sound Design team at Ircam, to support sound designers Romain Barthélémy and Lundja Medjoub in the creation of the university’s signature sound. Barthélémy and Medjoub conducted collaborative workshops with Sorbonne stakeholders to understand the university’s positioning, values, ​​and mission, in order to translate them into sounds. Then, Barthélémy and Medjoub began composing Sorbonne University’s signature sound, relying in particular on the instruments created within the AMFI project of the Collegium Musicæ of Sorbonne University. Bringing together musicians, researchers, and scholars around musical creation, research, conservation and practices, the Collegium Musicæ of Sorbonne University is the cornerstone of the rich musical ecosystem at Sorbonne University. The university also has a renowned music and musicology department, as well as a choir and orchestra, which brings together more than 100 talented young musicians. Now, thanks to Ircam Amplify, alongside Romain Barthélémy and Lundja Medjoub, Sorbonne University has its own signature sounds to reflect its distinguished musical programs and its dedication to cutting edge creative thinking.