Immersive is the new stereo.
Get ready for it.

With PNL, labels and distributors spatialize their catalogue.
From simple master files.

Spatialization is a major challenge for us. We want to take advantage of the latest innovations, the possibilities offered by DSPs to offer labels and artists the best service, while freeing them from technical constraints. This is what PNL allows us to do: moving from stereo to Atmos, on a large scale.

Unleash emotion.

PNL is much more than a mere converter: it literally creates a 3D scene from the 2D/stereo, placing instruments and voices at their right place.
Because we care a lot about artists and music, we never compromise on quality. That is why we introduce no FX, no reverb, no artefact. We just reveal the hidden details, unfolding a new dimension.
Listening music has never been as natural.

Work little, play hard.

We know how optimized your supply chain is.
We know that adding a new processing in your workflow is not an everyday job.

So, we made it as seamless as possible: a single RESTful API access, whether you want to process a single track, your latest
releases, or even your entire backcatalogue.
Your container is S3-compatible ? Great news : you have absolutely no data to transfer!

We will have direct access to your repositories to process your stereo masters, and drop there the spatialized files.
No time for integration ? No-code firm believer ? No problem : all functions are accessible through the user portal as well.

Keep informed.

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