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Are you looking for cutting-edge audio expertise or technological components?

Are you encountering issues regarding sound or voice?

We help you tackle them to create distinctive premium solutions and audio experiences that distill the best of technology and emotion.

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Main fields and types of application

Robotics & IoT

Luxury & Retail

Heath & Well-being

Mobility & Smart cities

Cultural & Creative industries

Our range of services is divided into three universes and our singularity consists of addressing them all adopting the same approach:
An approach that is rooted in IRCAM’s expertise and implemented according to a unique methodology.
An approach that strives for excellent user experiences that perfectly resonate with your aspirations and your clients’ expectations.

A holistic approach

What truly sets IRCAM apart, for which it is renowned worldwide, is its capacity to combine scientific research, artistic creation and technological innovation.

This singular approach:

  • grasps sound in all its dimensions: technological, creative and emotional
  • integrates sound into a broader multisensory framework.

A unique methodology

Ircam Amplify’s singular methodology can provide a simple or combined response depending on your needs:

  • the integration of audio technology components that can be built upon: Ircam Amplify’s teams will help you design your project using algorithms developed by IRCAM and, if necessary, its R&D.
  • the creation of audio content and its diffusion in 3D: from sound design (sound identity, signage, events…) to development of the immersive sound diffusion system that best suits your specifications.
  • the design of complete customized audio & emotion experiences, which require the pooling together of scientific (psycho-acoustic), creative expertise (designers) and technological solutions. With a dedicated sales contact, Ircam Amplify ensures you have the multidisciplinary team best suited to your project, both in terms of technological development and content creation.
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