Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry – UNESCO Week of Sound

Since 2021, Ircam Amplify has been presenting a major annual event, live from IRCAM in Paris and livestreamed anywhere in the world, to address the most essential challenges for the future of sound across multiple industries.

Sound Tech For Good

New technologies for a shared world

January 20th, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. [CET] – event completed

Beyond the importance of sound for music in our lives, sound has become paramount for our humanity. In the context of the pandemic, sound, voice, and audio have become a key medium for enriching and preserving our human relationships.

We discuss new experiments in sound and the ways cutting-edge sound technology can reinvent models and uses for sound across countless sectors.

The forum features forward-thinking speakers who are advancing new perspectives on the power of sound in their various industries. At the forum they share their visionary expertise on the future of audio in numerous sectors.

The Importance of the Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry

In 2021, Ircam Amplify launched the first Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry. This forum is the “industry” component of the famous UNESCO Week of Sound, with real world applications of sound to all types of businesses and industry sectors.

This exclusive program, designed and produced by Ircam Amplify, brings together the main industrial and economic players, in and beyond the audio sectors, who rely on new uses of sound for technological and commercial innovations.

It is aimed primarily at professionals from luxury, retail, cultural, creative, health, IoT, and robotics industries, but also has value for innovators in the mobility and accessibility industries.

The Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry tackles the question of audio’s role in the world of tomorrow and presents concrete sound solutions and exciting new possibilities for audio use.

The program is organized around five general themes, and features speakers who are recognized for their expertise and forward-looking vision. These speakers share the major upcoming trends in sound, voice, and audio in their industries.

This IRCAM live-streamed forum is also an opportunity to discover sound experiences developed by Ircam Amplify for various industries that draw upon the very latest exploratory research from IRCAM.

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