Event. On January 20, 2022, the second annual Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry will be held at IRCAM in Paris, and streamed simultaneously worldwide, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. CET. The 2022 theme will be Sound Tech for Good.

UNESCO’s Sound Week, running from January 16 to 30, 2022, aims to inform, enlighten, and engage the public, elected officials, and society as a whole about a variety of audio topics as they pertain to building accessible and sustainable societies. In this context, IRCAM Amplify is organizing, for the second consecutive year, the Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry with the aim to tackle the major audio challenges and share adaptable best practices for numerous markets. Beyond the importance of music in our lives, sound offers new opportunities in various sectors: in the digitization of our practices, in terms of personalization and cultural diversity, and for the general improvement of our daily lives.

This second edition of the forum will give the floor innovative experts who, like us, are convinced of the Sound Tech For Good idea : the fact that collective intelligence, coupled with technology, contributes to the improvement of our society. IRCAM Amplify, through its holistic approach and its unique methodology, places itself between recognized research excellence and its concrete applications.

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Sound Tech for Good Takes Center Stage in 2022

Our exclusive access to IRCAM resources puts us at the forefront of research and development in the audio field. Our mission is to use these resources to offer cutting-edge concrete applications that improve everyday life. To do this, we are working with our partners in the fields of health, robotics, retail markets, connected objects/IoT, luxury goods, wholistic well-being, mobility and smart cities as well as the cultural and creative industries. This year, in addition to representatives from key sectors, we are inviting forward-thinking industry leaders and existing clients to present innovative case studies that illustrate real-world applications of sound technologies being used for societal good.

Last year, the global pandemic required us all to create events that allowed for social distancing, yet, due to these constraints, and the power of sound, we discovered ways to share events with audiences at even greater distances. This year, to again extend access to our amazing event to people around the globe, the forum will be live streamed from IRCAM in Paris on an audiovisual set especially designed for the occasion. The interviews and the entire afternoon will be moderated by Etienne Guffroy, a journalist, producer, and audiovisual executive of FranceInfo, Europe 1, Virgin Radio and RFM. Since sound should be a universal language, simultaneous audio translation into English will be provided. Additionally, unique sound experiences will also be shared between the talks, providing attendees with an opportunity to rest their minds and feel the vast array of emotions that are fundamental to all our uses of sound.

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Watch the Forum on the Power of Sound in Industry 2022, to better understand the new uses of audio for a shared world.